Welcome to the legacy world of the internet!

Hello! This page was made for those who are brave enough to run an actual computer from the late-1990s and early-2000s in the modern age internet!

This site has been in the works for quite some time as my lazy-ass never got to finishing it. If you couldn't guess, this website runs better on more older computers. Oh! don't forget to use an older web-browser such as Internet Explorer (yes I'm most likely going to be hunted down for saying that in 2023) for the best experince.

On top of the page and below the ktg5 logo is the page category navigation, where you'll find the other parts of the site. On the left of this page is the other documents on this page category, such as stuff that fit in this category.

I hope this keep this page somewhat updated to the main website, but don't trust me on that.

Why did you make this website?

Mainly because my main website doesn't work as well or even work at all on older systems/web-browsers, and wanted to create something a little old style just for the shits and funnies.

Was this website made on a older computer?

Yes! Specifically on my HP Workstation xw6000 running Windows XP.

Although most of the site is edited on my main PC, I test out this website once in a while on my HP Workstation, but not all the time when there's an update. I also do use the Internet Explorer mode on Edge to test things when I can't access an older computer like my HP Workstation or Dell XPS T500.

Please do let me know if something doesn't look right on your system, I'll be sure to fix it!

What does this site run on? HTML or PHP?

Originally I wanted to use HTML for this website, but then I went, "Oh shit! I can't use Javascript!" Why did I say that you may ask? Well, older broswers don't support JS! And I have a lot of experince in it!

The reason I went for PHP was to still have some website scripting without having to cut out older browsers that don't know how to use the script element (aka using Javascript). That's how the video pages on here work without any script elements.

Hope this isn't a lot for someone, please enjoy your visit!